Thursday, August 17, 2017

Acquisitions & Dispositions (Due Diligence)

Correia Commercial carefully manages each element of the due diligence process to increase the likelihood of the successful acquisition of a property or development.

The due diligence process includes:
  • Analysis of the supply and demand dynamics in the market;
  • Thorough review of the existing or proposed financial structure;
  • Detailed review of building expense and potential operating cost savings;
  • Market validation of leasing assumptions and identification of prospective new tenants; and
  • In-house management and coordination of environmental consultants, legal counsel and tax experts and other professionals both within and outside of our organization.

Landlord Leasing & Tenant Representation

We represent both landlords and tenants in the leasing of all types of commercial properties. We handle long-term, anchor tenant transactions involving complicated expansion, termination, renewal options and complicated buildouts as well as temporary space agreements and small tenant leases. We negotiate and review all types of office, retail and industrial leases as well as consents to subleases and assignments.

We provide construction assistance in negotiating workletters, construction contracts, architect agreements and escrow agreements; and we provide “green leasing” and LEED certification counsel.
For our tenant clients, we ensure that no entitlements are left on the table to help secure tenant expansion, renewal and termination rights, full construction and drawings allowances, naming/signage rights when appropriate, construction/development milestones, governmental entitlements and the like.

Pre-Development Strategies & Analysis

Real Estate projects always begin with a concept, most often lacking the information required for a “Go” or “No Go” decision. Pre-Development Analysis involves early assessment of project assumptions and expectations in order to move sensibly and cost effectively from vision level concepts to successful development strategies.

From “permit ready” commercial and industrial projects requiring proforma financial analysis, to large vacant land tracts requiring conceptual planning, entitlement and phased proforma development modeling, each Pre-Development Analysis is tailored to the individual project characteristics and the unique objectives, assumptions and expectations of our Partner(s) and Client(s).
Far beyond traditional due diligence, our dynamic modeling enables vision level concepts to be evaluated on multi-variable “What If Scenarios” of land costs, building coverage(s), development expenses, revenues and desired rates of return in order to frame the conditions of a successful real estate project and the conditions and strategies under which such a project might be made more profitable.
Analysis itself will never take the risk or guess work out of real estate construction and development, but in today’s volatile financial and market environment, cost effective and informed planning decisions have never been more critical.
Analysis includes:
  • Building Coverage & Cost Analysis
  • Required Lease Rates
  • Project Valuation
  • Net Equity

Construction & Project Management

Correia Commercial uses their extensive knowledge of development, redevelopment, construction & project management to bring projects to life, adding value to real estate assets throughout the region.

Skills and experience include:

  • Project Feasibility
  • Budgeting, Cost Management and Reporting
  • Construction Management
  • Leasing and Marketing
  • Tenant Fit-out Management